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Preparing to Paint Your House in Corpus Christi Texas

Posted on May 15 2011 by admin

Looking to hire a Corpus Christi House Painter?


If you choose not to hire a Corpus Christi House Painter and have the time and skill needed for a paint job, we have provided some instructions on preparing to paint. Whether commercial, residential, or industrial,   it is important to have the appropriate tools.

You will want to make sure you have a painting kit that includes the following:corpus christi painter, painter house corpus christi, corpus christin commercial painter, corpus christi painting contractor

  • Plastic gloves
  • Paint thinner
  • Pain primer
  • A paint can opener (NOT a screwdriver… screwdrivers will damage the lid)
  • Assorted paint brushes
    For latex paints, acrylics and water based paint use nylon or synthetic bristle brushes, for oil-based paints, stains, and varnishes use natural bristle brushes
  • Masking tape
    Masking tape or “blue” tape is used to cover areas that are not intended for the paint you are going to apply.
  • A Paint Roller
    For textured surfaces use longer naps and for smooth surfaces use shorter naps
  • Paint roller cover
  • Paint rolling tray
  • Disposable paint roller tray liner
  • Sand paper
    Sand paper is used to smooth out the rough edges and surfaces you intend to paint. It is important to make sure to clean all the dust particles before priming or painting a freshly sanded surface. Otherwise you will wind up painting a rough surface because the dust particles from sanding will make the freshly painted surface course.
  • Paint Stick

The previous list is the scaled down version of what a professional Corpus Christi Painting Contractor would provide

Once you have those basic tools you are ready to get started. Add a multipurpose paint tool to your toolbox too. These are used to clean excess caulk, pull nails, clean rollers, apply glaze and putty, scrap paint and drive nails. Also make sure to have safety glasses and some old cloths you are prepared to get rid of after your paint job.

Some simple tips when you begin painting

Use a paint pot instead of dipping the paint brush directly into the can of paint.  To help mix the paint better, drill 2 inch holes in the paint stick. Paint will usually dry if the can is more than half empty, to eliminate paint from drying fill any air space by putting old golf balls in the paint can.

For intricate work such as molding and casting and rails, use foam brushes. These brushes are not reusable however they are inexpensive and work great for these areas. Using foam rollers will give your paint job a finish very much like that produced by a paint sprayer.  Foam rollers are also great for getting into corners.

Always be sure to protect your furniture and flooring and remove any valuable objects before painting. You do not want to knock anything of value over or get it splattered with paint while painting. These kinds of accidents can easily be avoided by taking care of covering or removing before you even begin painting.

Getting ready to paint in Corpus Christi

Be sure to dust and clean all the walls to be painted, most surfaces you can simply use a vacuum cleaner or towel. If you are painting a kitchen or bathroom be sure to wash the walls with a laundry detergent (3tsp) and water (1 gallon). Make sure you use a paint scraper to remove any pealing, flaking or cracked paint. The sandpaper is to smooth out imperfections.

Once you do all this preparation, you are now ready to apply the primer and then paint away! If you are not prepared or available to handle such a painting job, you can always hire a Corpus Christi Painter.

Corpus Christi House Painter

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