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What to look for when hiring a painting contractor in Corpus Christi Texas

Posted on May 11 2011 by admin

Questions to ask and things to look for in a Corpus Christi Painter. When hiring any contractor you should do your research and homework on any prospective contractors first. This short guide will help you pick the best contractor for your Corpus Christi paint job.

Questions to ask professional Corpus Christi painters and paint contractors

Ask any paint contractors how long they have been in business. You want to only go with companies that have been in business for several years. Experience makes a big difference and will help avoid nightmares.

Make sure to ask all contractors and ccorpus christi painter, corpus christi house painting, corpus christi paint contractorompanies to verify workers compensation and liability insurance. If you state requires contractors licenses then make sure to have any prospective contractors/businesses to supply those as well.

Ask who will actually work on your home. Make sure they provide thorough background checks. Ask to meet the crew leader, ask questions about the training and experience of the crew too. You don’t want anyone that is inexperienced painting your home and you certainly don’t want anyone with a shady background around your family and home either.

Definitely get references from all prospective contractors. Be sure that the contractor has references in your area they should also have a portfolio of before and after pictures to show you past work. Even go as far as asking them to provide addresses of homes painted six months to a year ago. This way you can see how well their work has held up.

Ask about any product/labor warranties and if they have a maintenance agreement or program. This way you know you are covered if the work isn’t up to par.

Find out if the painting contractors you are interviewing are active members in the community. Good Corpus Christi painters are well established, civic minded professionals with local roots.

Ask the quality of the materials the painters use. Make sure that any contractors spend time walking around and through your house and pay attention to details when they are drawing up a quote. An accurate quote cannot be given over the phone. Do not even consider taking phone quotes. Make sure to get an estimated start date and time of completion from all contractors.

Be sure to ask what type of prep work is done before painting your house too. This is probably the most important part of painting any home. If the prep work is not done or done correctly your paint job will not last long and you will be throwing money out the window.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions that come to mind when hiring a Corpus Christi Painter.

Best Practices to consider when hiring a painting contractor in Corpus Christi

  • Never work with painters that require a deposit for materials. Any good experienced painting contractor should be able to get materials on credit of have the funds to pay for them up front. This isn’t a rule of thumb however be suspicious of such activity.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for all contractors’ ratings and for any major complaints.
  • Make sure to walk around the house with the contractor when doing any estimates to make sure they are thorough.
  • Get a written contract/agreement that details everything that the contractor plans on doing as well as the final price. Make sure the clearly outline surface preparation and general preparation in the agreement.

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