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Corpus Christi Painters – Know when your home needs an exterior paint job

Posted on May 07 2011 by admin

It’s time to call a Corpus Christi House Painter in Corpus Christi TexasPainter when your home’s exterior starts to deteriorate, stain and begin to look rather unpleasant from years of  extreme heat, cold, rain, and snow. Not only does a deteriorating paint job look bad on a house it also detracts from the home’s value.

It’s recommended that every 7-10 years you have your home’s exterior repainted and in between that time you should have touch ups to ensure your home stays looking new. One common myth is that a good pressure washing is all the exterior needs to look new again. Pressure washing is a short term solution and can get rather costly as well.

Your home is exposed to the weather, pollutions, and other harsh conditions for years on end. Without the proper layers of paint the wood and structure of your home begin to become compromised. Believe it or not the exterior paint of your home plays a critical part in the longevity as well as aesthetics of your home.

It makes sense to be proactive. Often times homeowners decide to wait until there are visible defects the paint is clearly in need of repair before doing anything about it. This is not advised because the longer you wait to take care of it; the more damage can possibly be done.

The most obvious signs that your home needs to be painted  are:

  • Paint is stripping or peeling
  • Your home has unpleasant rust- colored stains
  • Paint is flaking
  • Paint is worn down to the primer
  • Pressure washing seems to do nothing
  • Paint is no longer vibrant and is extremely faded
  • Your homes structural integrity is compromised due to weathering
  • Paint is cracking or chipping
  • (Time to call a Corpus Christi Painter...)

Exterior trim around doors and windows typically requires painting every two to three years.  These areas on the exterior of your house often times show the most wear and tear. If you are selling your home in the near future, or plan to, then painting the exterior of your home will prove to be a wise investment.

Corpus Christi painters will pay attention to areas that are supposed to be caulked. When touching up the trim and window areas, be sure to caulk all areas that have been worn down by the weather over time. Simply painting will not help weatherize your home.

When you do decide to finally paint your house or have it painted. Be sure to paint it during prolonged periods of dry weather. Keeping track of the weather forecast is important. The paint will take about twenty four hours to set and dry. Any moisture or extreme heat and direct sunlight will cause issues with the drying process.

Look no further when it is time to hire a Corpus Christi Painting Contractor.


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